April 5, 2024-August 31, 2024


Featuring Susan Brenner & Carla Aaron-Lopez


Visual art is a lens through which we intimately observe the thoughts, passions, stories, and convictions of creatives; their inner worlds and their outward projections. Artists and their art connect us to the past, confront us with our present, and summon us to face our future. Through their chosen mediums, they tell stories that broaden our perspective and foster understanding. They help us make sense of our world and create work that suggests we are not alone in our human experience.

Often, art is simultaneously the product of a catalyst and a catalyst itself – a cultivator of open and honest dialogue, and an agent of awareness and change. Visual artists, much like poets and musicians, are storytellers. They use their mediums to say what they need to say – to say what words often cannot. Where formal systems of power desire tightly governed, silenced, and censored information, artists carry the bullhorn of visual language that amplifies words and motives once uttered in hushed, elusive tones.

For artists Carla Aaron-Lopez and Susan Brenner, art is the means through which they comment on the world as they experience and see it (and the issues we face as a collective). The Quiet Part Out Loud shares collections of work that showcase the visual language of each artist, and the narratives they communicate both directly and indirectly.


The gallery will host a Coffee + Conversation panel discussion with the artists on Saturday, May 25 at 11 AM. To RSVP for this event, copy and paste the below link into your web browser: