April 5, 2024-August 31, 2024


John Folchi

Alex Bernstein

Andreina Ron Pedrique

Javier Lopez Barbosa

Roy Strassberg

David Patchen


Since the beginning of recorded human history, and arguably before, art has existed. Human expression is inevitable. From cave drawings to contemporary abstract canvas paintings, art has been used as a tool of communication for centuries, and continues to be a primary mode of innovation in our current world. And every artist brings a different dish to the collective creative table.

From start to finish, every artist’s approach and practice is unique to them. Their experience, technique, and style – and even their guiding life principles – can have an effect on the outcome of their work. Art is the projection of an artist’s mind onto the 3-dimensional plane that we experience as our physical world. If we look closely and think critically, we can investigate and discover just how intricate the process of art-making is, and how to appreciate it.

Something From Nothing explores this sometimes mystifying question: how do artists create art? By examining process, technique, and outcome, this exhibition traces the line that starts with an idea and ends with an artwork.

The Something From Nothing featured artists each offer a unique and varied perspective of art-making and creative process. Read the summaries below to explore each artist’s creative lens.