Sir Will is a Digital Content Creator specializing in video, film and photography.

Embracing an artistic journey that began with a humble aspiration to capture life’s fleeting moments through the lens of a camera, Sir Will found his muse in the unique culture and style of the American South. Drawing inspiration from the region’s warm hues and iconic symbols of prosperity, such as gold grills, jewelry, and classic cars, Sir Will infuses photography and mixed media elements with the essence of his Southern heritage. His work blends Southern charm with elements of surrealism, inviting viewers to explore both the artist’s personal heritage and the enchanting allure of the South. He mixes the spirit of Alice in Wonderland by taking you down the rabbit hole of the rich cultural legacy of the South creating these surrealist-type worlds where people can learn more about Sir Will and his heritage.

Over the past decade, he immersed himself in Charlotte, North Carolina’s diverse arts community, bearing witness to its transformation and growth. Beyond his role as an artist, he’s a bridge-builder, connecting emerging talents with opportunities, galleries, and education. Sir Will’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of art in transforming lives and uniting communities, evolving from a newcomer in the world of creativity to a catalyst for change in the local arts scene.