To Be Continued By Sally Bennett

AUGUST 23, 2018 – SEPTEMBER 4, 2018

Sally S. Bennett cannot be easily categorized. The Ohio-born, Waynesville-based artist is currently working on a series of paintings she entitles “Reconstructions.” Bennett creates mostly diptychs or triptychs, in both painting and collage, with a story for each canvas. Once the stories are completed, Bennett hands the canvases off to her son, who cuts each one into even strips, then weaves the strips back together to create a new artwork that tells a new story. This letting go and losing control allows Bennett to set up a new beginning and to convey to the viewer that the stories we construct in our lives may literally fall apart, but the pieces can be picked up and woven into a new, different story that is perhaps more beautiful and interesting than the one we originally imagined.

It is the mystery of the hidden images that intrigue Bennett, as well as the disparate elements that have come together in harmony. This series represents not just an engaging transformation of her paintings, but a major shift in methodology for the artist. Bennett states, “Developing this series has been a journey of self-discovery and continues, on a daily basis, to fuel my artistic growth.” This mezzanine exhibition will be on view from August 23, 2018 through September 4, 2018.