So much is happening. It’s all there. The hidden stories behind the strips of painted, collaged pattern that tell it all. A new way to create and reconstruct, upend and reconfigure for a new beginning with a new way of working. For me, a strong lesson in letting go. A way of tearing apart paintings and reassembling them.

-Sally Bennett


Sally S. Bennett is an abstract expressionist whose works are made up of two or more separate paintings.  Her process is complex and often challenging, but Sally enjoys the problem solving aspect of her creations.  She begins with a black canvas, to which she adds color, pattern and collage. The next step cutting each painting into strips that are laid out on a work table and intermingled, creating a kaleidoscopic extravaganza. Finally, once a rhythm emerges from the slivers of multiple content-laden paintings, they are painstakingly woven together. Out of chaos, beauty emerges and it all becomes new again, a fresh visual story to share with the world.  It is the mystery of the hidden images that intrigue her, as well as the disparate elements that have come together in harmony.


Sally studied at Ohio Dominican, Capital University and the Columbus College of Art and Design, all in Columbus, Ohio.  She has exhibited in her work in more than two dozen solo and group shows, and her abstract works have been accepted into several major art fairs, including the San Francisco International Art Exposition, and Art Chicago.