Saba Taj addresses her figure with intimacy but through the lens of gender, identity and othering. As an interdisciplinary artist pulling from many sources, her figures morph into hybrids with a predisposition for cultural survival – black, brown, part animal, with an inherited resilience adapted to get through the ills and graces of today. Heavily inspired by Islamic stories and speculative fiction, Taj uses mixed media practices to illustrate the liminalities of diasporic identity through the creation of hybridized femme-monsters. Taj remixes cultural references from her South Asian, American, Muslim, and queer identities, and explores themes of diaspora, inherited trauma and apocalypse. In addition to creating, Taj serves as Director of the Carrack Modern Art Gallery in Durham, North Carolina. She was a 2017 Southern Constellations Fellow, TedxDuke 2017 speaker, and has been featured in The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Durham Magazine.