MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan Dinh

Fan Club, (2022)
Vintage church fans, acrylic, gold leaf
12 x 7.5 each



Artist’s Notes


Historically, church fans have faithfully been used in the South as a source of pride and agency. For black congregations, the handheld fans serve a purpose beyond their intended use, becoming an early tool for addressing issues of representation and the need for black communities to see positive imagery of themselves.  

As a child, my family practiced a form of Pure Land Buddhism while we attended Lutheran church worship on Sundays in Boone, NC. During my research for vintage church fans, I was unsuccessful in finding one showing an Asian family. Asian Americans continue to be perceived as the “perpetual foreigners” and are left out of the Southern narrative on most topics including race, culture and religion. In response, I created a fan with an old personal family photo. My parents still practice Buddhism. My brother is a devote Christian and attends a Vietnamese church in Charlotte with his family. The blank black fan on the wall holds space for the ethnically diverse populations who in the past and present practice their faith but are erased or excluded from the complex yet evolving US-American story.


– MyLoan Dinh