MyLoan Dinh

MyLoan Dinh

Children, (2022)
Incense, sunflower seeds, sand, paper, toys, wood
36 x 72





Children is an interactive installation in direct response to imperialist violence and the horrors of war. We invite you to take home the sunflower seeds from the installation to plant at home and remember the lives lost, and all of those affected by this tragedy. 


“On March 17, 2022 Russian forces dropped a bomb on a theatre where more than 1,000 civilians – including women and children – were sheltering. Satellite imagery showed the destroyed theatre where the word “children” was written in Russian on the pavement outside the building. The most vulnerable victims of war is spelled out plain and clear. As the world focuses our energies and financial support towards Ukraine, “backburner” conflicts continue to rage on in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Myanmar… How long must brown and black children wait until we cultivate equal concern and care for their lives? In the installation, burned incense spells out the word children in a sandbox filled with sunflower seeds and toys. 


Incense as time-keeper: 

Incense is often used in Buddhism as a timer of meditation and prayer. Different types of incense burn at different rates and is used for different practices. ” – MyLoan Dinh


Please visit Carolina Refugee Resettlement, a local organization here in North Carolina that works to resettle refugees from all over the world. Contributions are welcome.