I’m  trying  to  approach  the  work  as  a  tradesman  approaches  his job,  in  a  very  ordinary  way,  with  a  watchful  attention  and  a certain confidence that  comes  from  experience  while  at  the  same time searching  for  something  new.

-Matthew Dibble


Matthew Dibble’s large-scale abstract work has evolved over the thirty years of dedicated energy he has unleashed onto his canvases.   In the spirit of the Abstract Expressionists, Matthew is an experiential and experimental painter. When describing his inclination to at times use unusual materials, he notes: “I’ve taken a drop cloth right off the floor, cut it up, and fastened to the canvas. Sometimes I don’t even use a brush. I might use sticks, rags, trowels, thumbtacks and bare hands.”


Matthew’s hands for years toiled in his day job working in construction and roofing in a small business he founded, and there is an active athleticism in the dynamic surfaces of his pieces.  His former day job helped to fuel his deliberation and workmanlike drive, as well as his professionalism in all of his artistic endeavors.  In the realm of both materials and method, glimpses of a dual life as a painter and roofer are inevitably intertwined.  There is activity and buzz in Matthew’s work – the twists and turns and groupings of geometric and organic shapes in the paintings pulsate through his multi-figural compositions with an increasing complexity, and the language of painting and drawing come together with seamless integration.


Trained at the Cooper School of Art, Matthew has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York City, Los Angeles, and across the Midwest.