February 26, 2020*

6:30 – 7:30p | RSVP Required:

*Marlene’s work will remain on exhibit after her talk and throughout 2020.


Fresh from the art fairs in Miami and Palm Beach, Marlene Rose joins us in Charlotte to talk about her process and the subtle air of mystery that infuses her glass sculpture.  Rose is an award-winning artist who sandcast glass technique is inspired by symbols that derive their power and strength from the common core we share with our ancestors.  Recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning, her in-demand work as been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is found in private, corporate and museum collections across the globe.

Rose refers to “evocative imagery” that calls to her from the past and the primitive. She writes: “I look to these places and peoples of my real and imaginary forebears for the root-inspiration of much of my work. I find myself tugging at the common threads of human imagery, woven through cultures and time, weaving and recomposing their nuances, making them in new ways that communicate the immortal vibrancy of the human spirit. Part of every piece refers to a distant, only partly understood system of symbols that derive their power and strength from the common core we share with our ancestors. I feel myself riding on this ancient energy, and in the glass I make, I see a strong presence that reaches out through time. These glimpses of something beyond this present moment become my visions, and they are frozen forever in the icy-hot stillness of the glass.

The conversation with Marlene will be moderated by artist, professor and curator Crista Cammaroto.  Program begins promptly at 6:30p and ends promptly at 7:30p. RSVP to


Marlene’s work will be exhibited at the gallery through 2020, and may be viewed by appointment or during regular business hours (Friday and Saturdays 12-5pm).