My work is about feeling good and having fun. It is about making people happy, which makes me content and inspired.  Like a child playing, there is no past or future, there is only present. That is how I like to paint, letting out the inner child that we all tend to forget or ignore, the one that is hiding within all those layers of emotions, gradually bringing it out within the layering of my paintings and the process of creation begins and then the focusing on the process to achieve success.

-Javier Barbosa


Javier Lopez Barbosa’s childhood in Mexico was full of art, color and music, which he credits for awakening his artistic talent.  A self-described “shy boy,” Barbosa recalls an obsessive need to constantly carry with him a box of color pencils, crayons, or a watercolor set to communicate to the brilliant world around him.   Bright, dramatic coloring continues to be Barbosa’s mode of speaking to the world.  He paints abstract expressionism and finishes his work with a glazing technique that captures the true essence and brilliancy of color.  By submerging interesting forms and textures under layers of clarity-enhancing mediums, Barbosa maximizes the effects of color and intrinsic light and reflects the boldness and drama present in the architecture and colors of Mexico.


Rarely approaching a canvas with a preconceived notion of what will emerge, he uses an array of media, forms and textures, resulting in contemporary expressionistic landscapes brimming with visual depth Barbosa’s work has been featured in solo shows in Santa Fe, New Mexico and New York City.  He is featured in national and international lifestyle publications, including El Nuevo Mexicana and New Mexico Collector’s Guide.