HNin Nie is a multidisciplinary artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nie received her associates degree in Fine Arts from Central Piedmont Community College and currently focuses on paintings, sculptures, and videography. Illustration is an influence in Nie’s work by her use of images and text to visually portray a story. Through her personal experience as an Asian woman in America, Nie dissects her feminine experience by layering vibrant imagery over unsettling narratives.


Artist Statement


There are many different forms a cherry can take. Cherries range from green to red to black. Cherries are voluptuous, and cherries can dry out. Cherries grow in clusters, always surrounded by other cherries. Cherries remind me of women. Cherry Gaze is a series of characters that embodies fruitful women, unknowing of a disquieting gaze. I aim to humanize a fruit that is usually objectified, to reclaim its existence, showing the mundane and the magical. I grew up with the pop culture meaning of a cherry that often symbolized sex, lust, and beauty. I could relate to this bare ripe fruit when I felt unwanted eyes that stripped away my identity for its own desire. I routinely anticipate being the subject of this gaze, but there has always been something liberating about the power in numbers, and being around a group of cherries that make me feel mortal.