“Clarity is conventionally assumed to be the transparency of the medium toward a greater significance, with its use value taken as the proof.  It seems that the language of painting can either allow itself to be used as such, or resist the role of transparency and apply itself to the complicated opacity of direct experience as it converges with mediating thought.”

-Greg Siler


Greg Siler has been painting for nearly three decades, and his work involves experimenting with where a particular concept will take him once he puts paint to canvas.  Many of his works are painted directly from life while others from drawings and/or photographs.  Some are guided mostly by memory and process as they are rooted in a particular state of mind and an intuitive handling of formal and material elements.  For Greg, all painting is about both what we see and what we feel.  Informing all of his works are thoughts on the human body, the self, sexuality, and what he calls “inner experience, or immediacy.”


Greg received his MFA in Painting from Michigan State University.  He also received an MA in Painting from The Allen R. Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville in Kentucky, where he also earned his BA.  Greg studied abroad in France and Italy, and has exhibited in solo and group shows across the country.  Greg has been awarded many honors, including Best in Show Grand Prize at the Carolina’s Got Art Exhibition in 2015.