FEBRUARY 1, 2018


In the midst of a nationwide racial and gender reckoning, how does contemporary art challenge us to confront our fractured reality, and what role does the artist play in this challenge?

North Carolina artists Susan Brenner, MyLoan Dinh, and Charles Farrar address those questions in our February exhibition, The Art of Struggle. Through their contemporary works, these artists assess issues of the day and invite the viewer to engage in conversation and contemplation. The goal of this exhibition is not simply to call attention to contemporary social struggles, but to also begin a dialogue. Gallery owner Sonya Pfeiffer notes that “a significant motivator for creating an exhibition like The Art of Struggle is the conversation engendered by the works and the communities that form in the process of developing and participating in them. Artists have an opportunity to be part of the discourse. They are shedding light on their own personal experiences with injustice or those endured by others, and through this shared dialogue, work together to transcend polarities and rediscover our common humanity.”

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Opening reception with the artists

Thursday, 2/1/18 | 6:00p – 8:00p

Lunch with the artists – $10

Friday, 2/2/18 | 11:45a – 1:00p
limited seating – RSVP required

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Facilitated discussion:

The role of the artists in times of upheaval
Tuesday, 2/13/18 | 6:30p – 8:00p
limited seating – RSVP required

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