I want to evoke the feeling of what a scene means to me when I look at it.  The vitality of color, the energy of the relationship of the viewer and the subject, whether it’s a vibrating, sunny landscape or a still controlled interior; those are the messages that are important.

-Daniel Bayless


San Francisco artist Daniel Bayless focuses on the natural elements of a scene and captures the drama of the natural light in his paintings.  The sunlight that peeks out or washes across his works invite the viewer to truly experience the scene he is depicting.  Like the great impressionists, Dan’s aim is to give his audience the gift of understanding and remembrance of place.  He uses bold colors in his paintings, draws in light carefully, and creates works that reveal how small moments in life can expand our awareness and explode with richness when we really pay attention.


Dan was born in Borger, Texas. Dan was enrolled in arts programs early, painting before elementary school, and eventually earned a scholarship to study with Russian painter, Sergei Bongart.   After training with Bongart, Dan worked with abstract expressionist Fred Mitchell. The influence of Mitchell’s abstraction combined with the powerful colorist influence of Bongart’s impressionism, provide the foundation upon which Dan creates his paintings.  Dan’s collectors include Elizabeth Taylor and the late Leonard Bernstein. His corporate collectors include: The Disney Corporation, Omni Hotels, The Breakers and MCrowd Dallas.