Crista Cammaroto is a prolific interdisciplinary artist whose work focuses on place-making and reconnecting humans with the earth, our primary home. In her installation, Overlook, Cammaroto deals directly with the loss of species that have been overlooked on earth. As we reckon with the loss of our own species, felt so heavily today, Cammaroto touches a nerve: these losses in both the natural world and the human world are all due to our own action, or inaction.


Her Terra Forma print series stems from her three-dimensional earth works. Cammaroto uses natural materials – such as leaves and dirt – to create temporary, site-specific works of art. She then photographs the earth work. As Cammaroto describes the resulting image: “the heightened moment of completion is photographed and becomes an archival print, an artifact of the temporal moment. Making in places where others circulate ‘outside’ is a significant performative aspect to my work. I often place forms in high circulation areas and leave collected found materials where people feel comfortable adding to each Terra Form. I invite specific planned groups and pedestrians to work with me or refresh the work new foliage in the following days. The experience is to be shared, changed and felt by others, with the hopes of inspiring a deeper engagement to the sophistication and balance of the natural world.”   Cammaroto is also a curator and art professor. She has completed residencies at Little Italy Arts Center, The McColl Center for Visual Art, and an assistantship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. Cammaroto’s work is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum, the Bechtler Contemporary Collection, and special collections of UNCC.