My paintings reflect a world view that recognizes the human desire to arrange, distill, and make sense of an infinitely complex and interrelated universe.  What can be perceived is only an incomplete generalization of a vast network of information.

-Cheryl Chapman


Painter and collage artist Cheryl Chapman does not always know where she will wind up when the creative journey begins. Using color and line as the dominant elements, her goal is to “explore a place where communication becomes communion.”  Chapman works in intimate concert with her medium, whether it be oil, or graphite, charcoal or collage on panel or canvas.  She attempts to capture a sense of energy in her works, often with a somewhat repetitive pattern.  It is an aesthetic that gets to the heart of abstract expressionism in a way that is not often seen, in which the mark made by the artist taps into communicative relationships of symbols and graphic elements on an almost subliminal level.


Chapman earned her Master of Fine Art in Visual Art from the University of Kentucky.  She has exhibited across the country in group shows and juried exhibitions.  Her work is in the collections of University of Kentucky AB Chandler Medical Center, the Brown Forman Corporation, PNC Financials in New York City, the Samaritans Secondary Academy, in Delhi, India, and in the Congressional Office of the Honorable John Yarmuth, Washington, DC.