Carmen Neely’s practice centers around expressions of identity and memory through the vehicle of gestural abstraction. Current projects explore the use of material as both metaphor and narrative agent, incorporating objects such as plexiglass, embroidery, and resin. With these materials, Neely translates previous gestures in paint and re-inserts them back into the world from which they came – creating new compositions. Through confronting tensions between such mediums imbedded in the genre of painting, she imbues conversations about mediated communication.

Neely’s mixed media paintings, drawings, and sculptural works have been featured nationally and internationally, and she has exhibited at art fairs in Miami and Dallas. She has been a resident artist at Sparkbox Studio, Vermont Studio Center, and The McColl Center for Art + Innovation. Her work has been featured in Art in America, ARTFORUM, and Hyperallergic. She currently teaches Drawing and Painting as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University. Neely earned an MFA in Studio Art from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2016, and a BFA in Painting from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2012.