The Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art is thrilled to be the first gallery in North Carolina to offer fine glass art by nationally recognized artists David Patchen, Marlene Rose and Jon Kuhn. With this opening exhibition, collectors in the southeast will have their first look at three artists who use the same medium, but create masterpieces with vastly different techniques.

David Patchen’s fine blown glass works – meticulously imagined, designed and executed – have never been exhibited in a gallery in the Carolinas. Patchen creates artworks that explore pattern, color, and transparency through the use of multi-layered cane and murine – some of the most difficult techniques in glass. Patchen is influenced by textiles, patterns in nature, and the marine environment. Through the medium of glass, Patchen plays with the ideas of contrasting transparency and opacity and the creation of ”windows” with views into or through his pieces.

Marlene Rose’s sand cast glass artwork boldly and beautifully showcases a process that is based on the thousands-year-old tradition of bronze casting. Each piece is hand cast from molten glass into a unique modern work of art that resonates with reference and allusions to other cultures and civilizations. Rose’s work has a quality of timelessness reflecting both ancient and modern. Her sculptures celebrate the unique properties of glass, of transparency, and shine and reflection – and because these are cast objects, they hold in their form the memory of the shapes and textures of the materials that formed them; they are fine-grained, rugged or smooth, transparent or translucent, colored or clear.

Jon Kuhn works in cold glass that is cut, polished, and fused into a myriad of shapes from the inside out. The result is a sculpture that takes in surrounding light, then reflects and refracts it back into space much like a fine diamond. No two are alike, and once created they appear to change color and radiance when viewed from different angles and lighting. Among cold glass artists, Kuhn’s work stands out for its complexity, its geometric forms and for its presence which has almost a spiritual quality.

North Carolina holds a special place in the history of American glass art, as several artists of the Studio Glass Movement settled in the region early in their careers. Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art is proud to present these artists at the opening event: Come Curious, and to highlight the creativity and diversity of expression available through the challenging medium of glass.